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Deliciouschance: delicious chance...
Sökande: Kvinna Ålder 43 till 90
Status: 65 Enda Rakt Manlig
Intresse för: Långvarigt förhållande
Etnicitet: Indian
Levande: Lev av mig själv
Eye Catcher: Hår
Höjd: 6'1 tum
Kropp: Genomsnitt
Hår/Ögon: Silver guld, Svart
Rök: Aldrig
Dryck: Ibland
Träning Ibland
Politik: På staketet
Utbildning: Något college
Religion: kristen
Inkomst: $45,001 till $65,000
Ockupation: Self Employed
Avkomma: 1 barn
Personlighet: Utgående
Land: United States
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Hmmabout me Never really thought about it Never thought I would be on the internet I was married for 21 years and widowed for 12 Im 61" tall have Brown eyes I would like to find someone who is just happynot a lot of dramacant do dramawould rather pull my finger nails outSomeone who can wakeup happyEvery day I wakeup and think Well I did it againIm still alive and I start my daysomeone who smilessomeone who can laugh at a fallen cake or burned gravy It isnt the end of the world Im easy going I laugh things offIm serious when Im at work but when Im home I like to relax and just enjoy myself I like to mow It gives me a chance to unwind Dont have to worry about whos trying to pass me or cut me offI like the outdoors like yard work I like music mostly country and classic A babys laugh still makes me smile I love the smell of rain fresh cut hay and the sound of water just the wind blowing in my hair can make me happy I like good foodbut who doesnt I would like to meet someone who doesnt carry the weight of the world on her shoulders but realizes that we have raised our children and now its our time to experience the world again I have seen the mountains the desert the redwoods I have seen both oceans and the gulf there is so much to see and do yet in our lives I probably belong in a relationshipI think most like their socalled freedom But I find myself wandering around with no purpose or direction I love my children But they have their own lives I feel mine is still waiting to get started And I dont want to go through 100 people to find the one Im SUPPOSED to be withyou need to be as close in thought and mind as I Or it will never workdont need notches on my belt I need my friend to come homeso we can start helping eachother get through lifehave eachothers backLive laugh and loveI meanhow cool would it be to spend the rest of your life with your best friend I still open doors say yes maam do what your supposed to do around a womanmy momma didnt raise no fool And I love her for it And if you read all of thisyou must be interested or really boredeither way I thank youand hope you find your best friend too we all deserve to be loved Life has been full of great experiences and a loving familyNow Im looking for a long term relationship with someone very special to share all the wonders of life a best friend to Love and cherish Lets start with a wink or email


Im looking for… a selfaware caring and gentle woman Traits I value include 1 kindness nonjudgmental acceptance the ability to listen deeply and really hear what others have to say 2 creativity intellectual curiosity cultural interests 3 spontaneity and flexibility to look at situations with fresh eyes and 4 a whimsicalquirky sense of humor


A cup of coffee or a quiet Happy Hour a chance to get a sense of who the other person is and what they care about some playful good humor an afterglow of anticipation about what comes next

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