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Lovepoems: love wins all...
Sökande: Kvinna Ålder 35 till 60
Status: 35 Enda Rakt Kvinna
Intresse för: Äktenskap
Etnicitet: Latino/spansktalande
Levande: Lev av mig själv
Eye Catcher: kalvar
Höjd: 5'11 tum
Kropp: Genomsnitt
Hår/Ögon: Svart, Brun
Rök: Aldrig
Dryck: Ibland
Träning 2 gånger i veckan
Politik: Ingen
Utbildning: Examen
Religion: kristen
Inkomst: $25,001 till $45,000
Ockupation: Buy And Sell Gemston
Avkomma: Ingen
Personlighet: äventyrlig
Land: United States
Vänners email: Ditt namn:

I am very romantic and I like to pay a lot of attention to my man I also like to give him compliments and tell him how nice looking he is and how much I love him It is not unusual for me to do nice things and buy presents for my man I am a very good communicator and I love to talk things over I hate to argue and I am a very honest and caring lady I would like for my future man to be able to work along with me so that we can set goals and achieve them and so we may have a very good life together and do things as well as have things to make both of our lives together much better Fidelity and Honesty are tops on my list of what I expect from my partner I like to laugh and have fun Sometimes I can be very silly as to make my man smile or laugh I have been know to be a nut clown from time to time just to lighten things up but I do have my serious side Trust is a foundation that a relationship is built on It is very hard to build trust and very easy to break it I am not jealous unless I have a reason to be It is normal for a pretty man to catch the eye of another woman and I feel that it is a compliment to me as long as he is treated with respect I do not have a problem with that but if anyone is disrespectful to my man then I can be a very nasty person and I will protect him at all costs I also like things to be clean and in order but I do understand that when people live in a home that it will look lived in and not like a museum The time I marry I want it to be until the day that I die There must be passion and love with the two There must be passion and love with the man that I marry My dream is to meet a best friend and lover he must be honest faithful caring hard working passionate attractive and treat me in the way that I will treat him I am open to children but I think that is a decision that we both must make together as all big and important decisions should be made together between the both of us As for me I am a very hard working lady Email to know more about me

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